Experienced Life
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2010-11-13 08:24:42 (UTC)

Going out today

Going out with the my little social group today. I had planned on
going with the kids but they aren't here. It's to a salmon hatchery.
Kinda cool. They have this man made river ladder where the salmon make
their way up to spawn.

We get to check them make their way up and we even get to feed the
baby salmon. Kids would have loved it but I'm going stag with the
Parent's group I hang out with.

It's a nice day out so I'll ride my motorcycle there. Also, there is
this little cutie that I kinds have some interest in that said would
be there too. Don't mind watching her a little too. So we shall see
how this goes.

Not sure what I'll be doing the rest of the day but I'm sure it will
probably involve some sort of cleaning up. Which reminds me, I have to
set up the treadmill somewhere in the family room. haha, this place is
starting to turn into a little bachelor pad. Now where can I get that
velvet painting of a bunch of dogs play billiards? lol

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