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2010-11-12 20:23:00 (UTC)

Final pieces of Move finally done

Well, I finally got all my stuff that I needed to move in this home
I'm renting. I had my dart machine and treadmill that I was keeping at
my friends home finally moved in here with me.

Then we went to dinner and got to just chat and unwind. It's so damn
nice to talk to people that really cares for you and don't want
anything from you. I am so lucky to have awesome lifelong friends.
It's still funny because I'm raised in Hawaii and my close friends are
Rednecks. haha... Still, I trust them with my life.

I drank a little and am home now kicking it. It's nice to see these
two big things in my home. Gotta laugh because this place is starting
to look like a bachelor's pad.

I have a mini two-hoop basketball thing, a dart machine, 62 inch hdtv
(with a ps3 and xbox360), treadmill, and a 2nd fridge in the garage in
case I want to load up in beer, and a motorcycle.

Hey, I know I went thru some shit with my ex but it aint all that bad
I guess. Psycho took off and got the kids? Oh well, if I can't be a
happy Dad, I'm pretty sure I can manage to be a not so depressed
single guy.

And yes, I'm a little buzzed from the beer I had tonight. Life is not
all that bad.

Later diary...

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