My Diary:D
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2010-11-11 22:16:58 (UTC)

You ruined my life..

Sooo today i found out my "best friend" told 1 of the 2 guys i like
and 2 of the biggest mouthed pervs in our school that i stuffed my
bra... I almost cried because the 2 pervs told my 2 best guy
friends.. Michael and Dante..

Oh and he told another big mouth.. but all the bus ride the guy i
like and 1 of the pervs kept acting like they were stuffing stuff..
then to make matters even worse.. i found out she told the whole 7th
grade and 8th grade who ride the bus.. no one looks at me the same

Then the chick proceeds to tell my biggest crush that i told his ex
some of the texts he sent me.. which also isnt true because the chick
was reading my texts messages!! umm invasion of privacy much?? So he
texted me and said this, "Kerstin you are a hoe bag.. screw you.. i
cant believe you said that to her.. dont ever text,call, or talk to
me again!!"

HE WAS GONNA FREAKIN ASK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its all over

Please anyone who reads this give me some tips on what i should do..

-XOXO Kerstin

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