Experienced Life
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2010-11-11 06:32:38 (UTC)

The best part of the day

is when you just wake up and you are still sleepy and don't know what
the hell is going on. Then reality loads in and you suddenly realize
the situation you are in. But for a brief few seconds, you are at ease.

The rest of the day is the battle in your mind to think positive and
to keep moving on even though you are sick and tired of it all. What a

I'm off today so I need to keep busy. Let see..... I need a haircut,
car cleaned, return my PO box key, replace two of my tires with used
ones, mow lawn, do laundry (already doing this), and getting laid
wouldn't be bad too. lol :). Lets see how much of this I really do.

Oh yeah, sometime this weekend, I need to pick up the last of my
things. Not from my old home but I had my friends store two things for
me. One was a treadmill and the other an electronic dart board(like
the ones in a bar). This should keep me occupied while I'm at home.

If I feel stressed (which seems to be a daily occurrence nowadays) I
can play on my dart board or run it outta me on the treadmill. This
way, I don't have to spend money or fuck myself up too much by just
drinking. I should have thought of this earlier.