Letters to You
2010-11-11 07:28:13 (UTC)

Dear Anthony,

I'm moving on. I'm going to meet this really nice guy this weekend. We're
going to meet, and I know we're going to hit it off. He's so nice, sweet,
and I know that he would love me. So I am going to put you behind me and
finally move on with my life. I'm going to be happy without you. Even
though it scares me a little, I know that this is the right decision. If
I've run into you on the street one day, I won't be sad. I want to look
at you and smile, one of those smiles that says I remember the past and
I'm glad that your in the past. Of course I'll think about you from time
to time, but it will no longer be because I want you back, because I want
you to love me again. I'll think of you and be grateful that you were in
my life and helped get me to this point. Part of me will always love you.
But not enough any longer for it to stop me from loving someone else.
It's not going to be easy to move on, but it's something that I have to

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