2010-11-10 20:49:53 (UTC)

First Day of School

I dunno what to say.
I guess some people are ghetto, some of them aren't.
Idk why I'm judging anyone though. I just don't want to get on their
side, but I think I'm already on the other class's bad side. Ugh. I
didn't see it turning out this way. People were asking me if I like
anyone! HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? I don't even know their
names. Not even my stupid teacher; she asked too many questions...I
guess my dad's heart attack silenced her and the class, which made me
laugh on the inside. They didn't know what it's like, but then again, I
don't know what it'll be like the longer I stay here. I don't want to
start over, it happened to fast.

9-7-10, --Eli