F*cked Up Thoughts
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2001-10-10 02:13:57 (UTC)

wow, nothing happened today.................

so, yea im back from doing nothing. man, i should be doing
my drawing homework and my essay right now, but im too
lazy. yup, thats me for ya. and tomorrow i have to wake up
early in order to get to graphic arts class first period.
fuck i hate waking up. i almost made it to first period
today but i decided to go for a chocolate-chocolate chip
muffin at safeway. ah. so sad, so sad.

but at least last nite was entertaining. right after i
wrote in this thingy last nite, i was getting ready for
bed, when someone knocks on our front door. my lil' brother
went to go see who it was, and it was some lady asking for
my dad. so my dad goes up to the door, and my dad asks her
what she wanted, and she says nothing. so my dad thinks
nothing of it, and closes the door. so im all if she comes
back tell her "get the fuck off my property" and shoo her
away with a fuckin' broom. so 5 mintues later we here
someone rubbing up against the door, my mom went to go look
out the window and there that lady was, drunk as hell. i
told my mom to call the cops and tell them that theirs a
drunk lady at our door who wont go away. so she does. and
right after that, she's knocks on the door even louder. so
my mom went to go open the door, and that lady is blabbing
on about nothing, and my mom is trying to get her the fuck
off our door step, but that didn't work so we tried waiting
for the cops to fuckin' show up. but this lady keeps
knocking on our fuckin' door yelling "mommy! mommy let me
in! mommy!" she was looking in our front door window, so me
and my brother decided to give her the finger to she if
she'd do anything. she stopped for a while, but then the
cops came and took her away.

ah. what a interesting tale, it was. but anyways, i think
i'll stop talking about drunk ladies coming to our door

so, yea, man i need a fuckin' job. i wish i could work at
the arena and see Colin :) lol. oh thats so pathetic. lol.
but anyways yea, i love him so much, he's such a cutie and
he's so nice and so funny, and such soo cute when he
flirts. what i wouldn't give to see his face again. lol. i
haven't seen him since this summer. but then there's t.v.
guy, can we say major cutie??? why doesnt anyone else think
that?? oh well, he's so fuckin' adorable, but i think that
he has a girlfriend, since i seen him with some chick at
the mall this one time. i don't think there's anyone else i
like at this point in time.

i remember when i had this major crush on joel. ah, joel :)
i still remember when i first met him, me and my friend
were sitting in the bleachers waiting for this certain team
to watch. when my friend's crush came by with joel to sit
with us for a while. so we were all talkin about the hockey
season and shit, when we all went off into our own little
conversations. joel asked me if i was going to the
muchmusic dance that friday. and i wasn't going to go since
those things are usually boring and there's barely anyone
there. then he told me he was going, and he was telling me
about how he had to save up all his change and borrow money
off ppl to get a ticket. for some odd reason he was telling
me about his peanut butter bear piggy bank he has. lol. so
i decided to give him my 21 cents i had from my hot
chocolate, contributing to his fund since he spent so much
on his goalie pads(yes he's a goalie). and then they left
too get changed for practice. me and my friend were talking
about how much she liked that guy, and she asked me if i
liked joel. and i said yea, he such a cutie with his big
puffy blonde hair. ah joel :) but after that much music
dance happened, not going to it was the biggest mistake
ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck sakes!!! im os mad at myself
for not going!!!! he met up with some 13 year old chick who
i coach volleyball. at first i thought nothing of it. i
walked int he hall with him a couple of times, talking and
talking. then that 13 year old chick, told me about his guy
named joel, blah blah blah. and i told her how i liked him
and all. we actually became good friends for a while. and
she called me up sayin " would be mad if joel asked me
out?" and i was all "no, y would i be". what i really meant
was "yea id be fucking mad as hell". im so stupid. so they
ended up going out and then breaking up and going out
again. and he ended up going out with some other chick.

so yea thats my bit. i think i'll reminisce about the whole
fair job this past summer. so see ya


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