my life
2010-11-10 12:12:39 (UTC)

hmmm seens i left forbes ..

hmmm seens i left forbes and my family. my family seem alot happier
and getting along alot better that makes me relize it was me that was
putting them down n making them unhappy n fight n not live the way
they wanted to now that im gone all i here is the good things like
thats all that happers now n its hard i dnt feel apart of the family
its like they onlyneed them like 4 exsample my dads 40th i was in a
mental hospital 4 that they had sooo mmuch fun taking fotos n i look
at them even my brothers girlfriend is in them n then for mums i was
there n it turned out no photos n fighting so there u go i am the
problem the family has all they need mum (sandra) dad (paul) jamie
(brother) jack (brother) megan (sister)casey (jamies girlfriend or
ex) and noah (my nephew) and no me thats how it works n i think
always will my sister looks at casey as a sister all the things i
should be teacher her casey is im not even there for them. i mean my
parents broke up just b4 i left and i cant b there for any of them im
a screw up they deserve better n they did get better they got noah n

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