2010-11-09 21:08:20 (UTC)


Such trivial teenage matters. Can I share? Yes. I desired to be
different in my class, someone who would step up and change 8th grade
bluntly. I don't know how I was going to do it, I just thought my
popularity could get me through. But she has no idea. Gahh, I need to
solve my own problems. I can't even think. What would the other say if
they found out? It's not like anyone from my class goes on here, which
is amazing. I feel comforted and free, my only escape. I could only
this place so much. Everything else from this point seems so
straightforward though. I wish school and 8th grade life didn't have to
be this way. I wish the guilt of keeping my secrets weren't killing me
on the inside. You have to love the uniqueness of a book always being
your constant companion.

11/09/10, --Eli