Experienced Life
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2010-11-08 17:30:30 (UTC)

Winds changed again

Well, I haven't had much reason to write much but now I guess I do. I
have a confession to make. I had let the Ex move back in with me for a
few months. Not sure why. The kids were a big reason. I could see them
every day and night. I thought maybe the psycho ex would stop playing
her games for the kids. I had hoped but I knew it was highly unlikely.

Well, today I got a letter saying that she has left again. Kids are
out again. She says that I can have them after school on Fridays until
I have to go back to work on Sunday or Monday but I know this too will
not last long.

I thought I wouldn't be so hurt since I know what I'm up against but
I'd be lying if I said it didn't. Now I have this four bedroom home
all for nothing. I could be saving rent if I'd had just rented out a
smaller place but noooooooo, I had to try to be nice and have a nice
household for the kids. Well fuck me!!!!

So the dogs got left behind again. Along with the little fish and
turtle. I did have two puppies but ex took that.

I guess now I have some free time to party with my friends again!! I
miss them so much and I sacrificed not seeing them for the Ex you know?

Well, I need to make the most of this situation and try to enhance my
Network skills at work!!! NOT!!!!
I will party a little and try to enjoy my unexpected freedom. I don't
know what's around the corner but I have to try to man up and not be
too depressed about this. Unfortunately, I know the routine.

I need to put away the things that remind me of the kids. It's gonna
be hard but I need to put away the toys, clothes, etc. Good thing work
is busy so that I can keep my mind off of home issues.

I'm guessing I'll be writing again. Hopefully it will be about more
enjoyable moments and not this doom and gloom crap!

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