my life
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2010-11-08 02:17:56 (UTC)

y is life like this

i really dnt know wat to do i mean i love him but the guy next door
has caught my eye. and then there is another guy i met the other day
i dnt like him in that way and he is now blakmailing me and i dnt
know wat to do i stuff everything up always. and i wanted to start
new n i have stuffed that up i just dnt think im ment to have a good
life ever and i dnt know wat i did to make that be if i could start
my life from the day i was born i would change everything i every
said and done. i really need help but i even stuff that up maybe its
time i die maybe i should start making plans on how i will do it coz
im really over haveing an unhappy life i mean i havnt even got
anyfriends or anything. im hateing life.

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