Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-11-08 01:46:39 (UTC)


So last night around, oh, 10ish or so, I am perusing through help
wanted ads on craigslist, and I find one looking for a pizza cook, I
say to myself, it's only 13 minutes away as the crow flies, and said
to myself "self, go and apply tomorrow, after all, they say in their
fine ad, come between 4:30 and 10pm." so, off I went, dropped off my
resume, and promptly told a short version of my lifes story, and got
hired! wee! I r so happy.. $8 an hour, plus $2 for every delivery,
plus tips? YES PLEASE. Esp since it's in Richmond, where people are
stupid and tip $5 for an overpriced (but tasty pizza, I am a pizza
snob, and let me tell you, it's pretty damned good) pizza. So, I'm
doing delivery, and they needed a cook too, so they'll be having me do
that as well, and who knows, maybe I'll become the head cook they're
looking for, I inferred I was looking for full time, and well, here we

This is totally score.

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