Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2010-11-07 15:40:17 (UTC)

Cupcake Citi.......

So last night was fall festival night at the kids school. It was
awsome fun but....ofcourse like every other fall festival there was
the "cake walk" game and ofcourse ALL 3 OF MY KIDDOS won something.
So I now have 18 cupcakes sitting in my kitchen....remember one of
my other enteries that said my game plan was to stay the hell away
from the cupcakes....well it still stands!

Later after the boys were dropped with thier dad my friend Chris and
I went to see Saw 7......omg, that was disturbingly gross and I
think I missed about 20% of the movie lol. It was nice to hangout
with him tho, we then went and had breakfast at Perkins.

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