my life
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2010-11-06 12:20:38 (UTC)


dear diary:
just want to say to every1 out there never give up on anything we do
things for a reason we all make mistakes but they r done for a
reason. i know this cause iv made so many and more to come but never
give up as much as u want to wen ur down see family or friends. i
know coz i went from the girl who forgot how to be happy n just
wanted to end mylie and iv had the help of family and i now a knew
girl in a new town as much as i missfamily it is the right thing to
do. i now know how 2 smile n be happy again. and i know that i will
hav the days where im unhappy but that is normal dont be afraid to
tlk let it out its alot better then keeping it in side. so juust
remember never give up no matter wat anysays or dose u r u be happ