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2010-11-04 20:37:51 (UTC)

Day 2

So today was alright. I took my tripod and video camera so we
could film for the propaganda project in english. Erin wouldn't bring
the wig since she left it at her moms house after she wore it for
class color day on friday and now shes at her dads house. We were
going to have Marisol bring some of her wigs for it but she wasn't at
school today. This morning Brianna and I went to Mr. Gaudets class
and he let us borrow wigs. We filmed during second period and it was
hilarious. Marisol won't be in it though. Too bad she wasn't at
school today. Oh well.
So at lunch today I was mostly talking to Marissa and Ethan.
Erin was sitting there silently and when i looked that way and saw
that lauren and Maegans pasta had chicken i said something about
that. I saw Erin was sending a text. It said something about me
ignoring her. Then once she was done eating she got up and left.
It's Marissas birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I bought her a chocolate
chip cookie and then went to the little store thing and got her a
balloon. I was joking about how i should go pay $5 and have the
teachers sing to her because itd be embarassing. I didn't though.
Like five minutes later They did the birthday thing. She looked like
she wanted to kill me because she thought it was my fault. Then they
gave her a paper. It said that her mom was the one that payed for it.
It was hilarious.
So I guess i should just give up on liking Nalu. It seems like
he's flirting with me but I guess not. Today he kept walking into
me...over and over and over again. so I was like "AHHHH abuse!".
Patrick says "There's a thin line between abuse and flirting" and
Nalu says "No. I'm not flirting with her. She's like a sister since
me and her brother are like brothers." OUCH. why does everyone just
think of me as a little sister?! It's so irritating. Am i just doomed
to be boyfriendless with a million "brothers"? Either he was being
serious when he said that or he just doesnt want people to know if he
likes me. Not gunna read into that option. at this moment, all i am
to him is a sister and if he wants to decide against that then he can
go ahead and make the first move.
Holy shit I am so kissing deprived. I swear if I werent the type
of person that has to be dating someone to kiss them then id probably
be a whore. thats probably a bad thing.
Well I have to go do math homework thats going to take me
forever since each problem takes up about a third of a sheet of
paper. Then i have to memorize my lines better for acting class since
my group is doing a workshop tomorrow. Im soooo happy that we aren't
the thursday cast.

Wow I'm better at keeping an online diaary than a real one.