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My chocolate milk google results

"Downing chocolate milk after a tough workout can help replenish
exhausted muscles and significantly aid exercise recovery, new
research shows."

Post-Workout Drinks
When it's time to choose a liquid chug after a long, tough workout,
there's a slew of options out there. Water? Gatorade, POWERade, or
All Sport? Endurox R4? Physiologist Joel Stager, director of the
Human Performance laboratory at Indiana University, has even one more
potential workout recovery drink to add to the list: chocolate milk.
His latest study, published in this month's International Journal of
Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, names this kids' favorite an
optimal post-exercise recovery aid.

Before your stomach recoils, take a look at chocolate milk's
ingredient list. For a high-endurance athlete, Stager's team sees it
as a catch-all workout recovery drink. Compared to plain milk, water,
or most sports drinks, it has double the carbohydrate and protein
content, perfect for replenishing tired muscles. Its high water
content replaces fluids lost as sweat, preventing dehydration. Plus
it packs a nutritional bonus of calcium, and includes just a little
sodium and sugar -- additives that help recovering athletes retain
water and regain energy.

Drinking plain water after exercise replaces sweat losses -- and
that's it. "Chocolate milk provides carbohydrate replenishment to
your muscles -- something they can metabolize," said Jason Karp, MS,
another researcher for this study. "There's nothing to metabolize in

Stager's assessment of chocolate milk is even simpler. "It's water
plus a whole lot more," he said.

The Case for Carbs
Ready to switch your bottled water for chocolate milk? Assess your
workout level first. Downing a post-workout beverage chock-full of
carbohydrates isn't just for the weekend tennis player, said Stager --
and that's key. A drink like chocolate milk is most useful to a
cyclist, swimmer, or long-distance runner. These sports stress high
endurance levels and constant, sustained movement. Competing athletes
need high levels of calories, carbs, and protein to sustain that
level of performance.

Stager tested out chocolate milk's performance as a workout recovery
drink on nine cyclists. In his lab, each athlete biked until
exhaustion, and then rested for four hours. During this break, each
consumed low-fat chocolate milk, Gatorade, or the high-carbohydrate
sports drink Endurox R4. Afterward, they cycled to exhaustion again.

The results were positive. His research team concluded that the
athletes who consumed chocolate milk performed just as well or better
as those who drank the other beverages. The high carb and protein
content in milk make it an incredibly effective recovery drink,
Stager said -- even though it's never been marketed as one

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