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2010-11-03 22:39:49 (UTC)

Day 1

So i pretty much suck at keeping diaries. Maybe it'll be easier if i
keep an online one. Well this should be interesting if anyone I know
actually reads it. I guess I'll just have to keep it slightly

Today I'm so stressed. School is getting to be a bit too much.

History class is a major joke. Especially since the frickin brit
doesn't know how to teach.
English is just all around stressful. We have a propaganda
project to do and its not getting done. I hate when people have
hardly anything to do for a project and get attitudinal about it. And
a couple people and I do pretty much everything else and majorly
stress about it.
person 1. was only in charge of an ad and shirts. we dont know if
we are going to get the shirts in time, and he doesnt know how to do
the ad.
person 2. made a "toy". it doesnt really count.
person 3. Made the whole club handbook which was really good.
person 4. she wrote the song lyrics and is working on the banner.
And since person 1 probably won't make the ad i'm going to do that,
type the prospectus and edit the commercial.
I understand almost half of whats going on there so that
probably isnt all that great.
lunch is getting more and more boring. People keep leaving the
table and when Marissa isn't there then its super boring.
Spanish class is going pretty good. More on that in a minute ;)
Math sucks. i dont understand much of it. what we worked on
today i understood tho. probably because i taught myself.

It's pretty fun hanging out with Desiree and Manny. He gets so
weirded out by me hugging him. Apparentally hugging automatically
goes to hand holding which turns into sex o.O strange kidddd lol.

So anywayssss..... The reason I like Spanish class so much. The
guy I like is in that class. He's Hawaiian. I think he's cute. He's a
varsity football player. The only weird-ish thing is he's a freshman
and I'm a sophomore. I dont know why that makes it weird. but he
DEFINITELY doesnt look 14. And ohhh myyy gosh he gives great hugs.

Well thats it for today. i'll keep you posted on what happens later.