"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-10 02:13:38 (UTC)

School Day/Practice

Well, School was pretty kool but I have to pass a test
in there. Band was kool i got kicked out by my section
leader. I was interupting my fellow memebers while they
played there test. So well done Tiffani. By the way she
was looking good today. Then she said she was just playing
so it was all good. It didn't bother me but i was being
rude. She told me Sarah and her were going to take me were
for my birthday. That is very nice of them. But i have no
idea where i would like to go. So if you to have somewhere
in mind we can do it because i dont know. Everything in
band went good today.
Practice was good also. I think I am the man or
something, not to have a big head but coach put me at
another postion today. I already know safty, corner, and
now he wants me to play outside linebacker. I think it is
a good postion because I have a chance to get more tackles
and a few sacks on my record. It is harder than corner and
saftey but I think I can handle it. So we had to run today
to and I have gotten out of shape. So I am going to try to
get back in shape somehow. That is also where I am going
to start Thursday at outside linebacker.
The good thing about this week which I know have said
stuff in earlier entries that my birthday is coming up on
Friday. I have already said this but Tiffani and Sarah and
possibly Matt are going to take me somewhere and that will
be fun. I went to Khols tonight so and I got this outfit
that looks really, really, good on me I think. So I hope
Tiffani thinks so to.
Oh yeah, Tiffani you know how you say you don't look
good and stuff. Well, you know you do:)!! You know all
that stuff Matt wrote in his Diary Talking about you well I
didn't have a part in it. I think your real nice and could
not be any more sweet. One last thing what did you and
Sarah say about me????? well i guess I am going to go.#3

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