Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2010-11-04 00:46:40 (UTC)

Ryan Who?

This crazy thing we call 'dating' sucks ass. Let me just update you
on this Jackass Ryan. No call yesterday. This morning I get this
text update from facebook saying he updated his status to....are you
ready....."the most beautiful girl inside and out....Jhona" Now,
mind you that isnt my name, and at this point Im slighty pissed and a
bit hurt. So I immediately make my status "hey, do me a favor and
dance in the middle of the highway with a 'hit me' sign on you" (
know mature right, but remember I was pissed) So by the time I got to
work he either already deleted me just because or read my status,
knew it was aimed to him and then deleted me, either way he can fuck
off. I dont deserve to be treated like that. So to get my point
across and jab it in a little I sent him an IM stating ""thanks for
the blowoff again, i appreciate it. A simple call or email would
have been great but apparently only grown-ups are respectful enough
to do that. i dont know WTF I did or whats wrong with you to make
you think its ok to treat me like thatbut it isnt right....and to
think I was going to offer to take money out of my savings to help
you. Take Care" Now the last part isnt true but I wanted to make him
feel bad.

So again, Ryan who....because he can go fly a kite or take a long
walk off a short cliff, I dont give a shit anymore.

Better news:

My hair drama isnt as bad as I thought
Im having lunch with my bff
Joe is sweet and I think im going to just do it and meet him even tho
I think its going to not workout in my favor (i seen a pic of his ex,
i so dont have her body, but he says i have nothing to worry about
because she was slightly crazy with OCD lol)

ok more later, thanks for the rant

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