my fucked up life:(
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2010-11-03 07:28:56 (UTC)

damn food!

it's like every morning when i wake up i'm ready to jump around on my
eyeballs eat grass etc. to loose weight and everymornig it goes well i
do everything right i write my kcal intake down and so on...
but as the minutes and hours of the day passes by it's like..
i loose control and i mostly end up with eating chokolate, white bread,
and loads of things FILLED with fat!
and that's what is making this shit hell, because the start of the day
is always like a paradise and i'm convinced that TODAY i'm gonna be in
control TODAY i'm gonna make it TODAY i'm gonna run 20 km.
but it ends of with that THAT day i ate 1 whola marabou one bag og
jelly-mix 2 pieces of dark bread 2 portions for dinner and only running
7,5 km!

it SUCKS and i don't know how i last year came down to 39 kg
because now my weight is 43 KG!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!?
fucking SHIIIT! so i HAVE to get control I HAVE to run those 20 km I
HAVE to stay away from the dangerous food before it kills me!
i don't wanna be fat i don't wanna weigh 400 kg i dont want anything but
go back to my goal; 35 kg so i can survive!! <3 dear ana help me i'm so
out of control, so worthless i can't do it all by myself.. i'm weak!

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