Kansas Girl

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2010-11-03 12:42:20 (UTC)

I was in the bathroom with scissors.....

So I got my haircut today by my favorite stylist Amanda, and it
looks good, except when I got home and started straightening my hair
I decided I needs shorter, more profound bangs.....so I said screw
it and just did it myself. Ya, now they are a little to long, uneven
but look ok lol.

Ryan news:
He's apparently MIA today. WTF?

Joe, this guy I have been talking too off and on for a couple weeks
now asked if I was interested in meeting up Saturday to watch the
game with him. Good news? yes. Though he kinda makes me nervous
and a bit insecure. Hes got like 10% body fat and works out and is
adoraable....I am chubby, cute but atleast a good personality. Oh
and he thinks its sweet how I have this online journal that he is
now in lol. I dont dare give him the URL to read it tho!

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