Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-11-02 19:06:52 (UTC)

He hates the baggage

he hates the baggage called kids. he hates that i don't have any
control over their stupid ways and behavior. he hates to come home
and deal with the smell and the dirt of her room.

he said it's going to come to him saying Yall have until June 30 to
get out.

my nerves are bad. i hate everything about my life. i live for this
cruise but it won't make me happy. i will be sad knowing that i
could be gone from his life at anytime he sees fit.

i hate that he can do this to me and not feel anything. he hates the
way i carry myself....he hates my hair...he hates he hate he hates.

there has got to be a better existence than this....the afterlife has
to be real otherwise .....

I smile and laugh but its all fake. Im happy when he is happy and
scared to be happy when he is not happy.

she hates me. i cleaned her room and she hates me. i will clean her
room everyday until she leaves. i hate that she hates me but it is
what it is and i cant control her feelings or make her like me. if i
could she would because ive done more for her than any other child of
mine and yet she treats me like shit.