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2010-11-01 22:25:12 (UTC)

Texts i saved

Aug 8.
Me: You irritate me
Him: But you put up with it cuz your in love :)
Aug. 9
Me: I think your just being full of yourself.
Him: But... you've told me that you really like me. You've told me
you love me, ...And didnt deny that your in love with me
Me: So? That doesnt mean anything
Him: Nope its true. You even told me not to tell me cuz its a secret
Me: WHEN??
Him" When you were loopy from those painkillers lol
Him: I do :)
Aug. 9
Him: Because when you lose you get mad. And even though your
adorable when your mad...I love it when your happy
Aug 9.
Him: Yeah ok...But as long as your happy I vould care less about the
Aug. 19
Me:...Would you ever stop loving me? Cuz I did sumthing...kinda bad
Him: I couldnt not love you...What'd you do?
Me: If you get over me I totally understand
Him: Babe I love you and that wont change. What'd you do?
Me: So you wont be mad?
Him: I promise I'll still love you
Aug. 19
Me: OMFG! Are you gonna answer my question???
Him: Lo siento yo no hablan Englés
Me: besar mis pies
Him: What does that mean?
Me: Kiss my feet
Him: Haha I have no problem kissing your feet because that would
mean we were together
Aug. 20
Him: I love you because we cant be together because of distance :(
Aug 20
Him: Im in love with you...I must be crazy
Me: Hey hey hey lol I heard I'm a real catch lol jk...Im in love
with you too...What now?
Aug 21
Him: Hey
Me: Hey
Him: Whats wrong?
Me: Omg. How did you know sometihng is wrong? All i did was text you
Him: Because when you love someone you can feel it. Im getting a
vibe...Is something wrong?
Me: yeah everything. But im still in shock. How did you do that?
Him: I read in between the lines, And into your mind and soul. Cuz i
know you better than most people
Me: I love you
Him: I love you whats wrong?
Aug 21
Me: I think im falling for you
Him: If your falling, I'll catch you
Me: TWILIGHT IS AWSOME! im in the movie theatre watching Eclipse!!
Him: omg your a horrible movie judge..But I love you
Aug 21
Him: I feel sorry for my next gf
Me: Why??
Him: Cuz im damaged goods...And I'll be tnking of someone else
Aug 21
me: Quit using big words. What the heck does pessimestic mean?
Him: It means your always so negaive. The heart is a powerful tool.
We WILL eventually be together again.
Me: you dont know that
Him: Expect the worst but hope for the best. I love you. Good night.
Sweet dreams and I'll talk to you tommorow

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