Not that you care anyway...
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2010-11-01 20:55:54 (UTC)

A letter to mom and dad.. not that anyone cares...

Dear Mom and Dad,

Why did you get divorced? You said it wasn't mine, Sam's, or Steven's
fault. I know it wasn't. You said you guys used to be in love, and I
believe that. We're going through financial problems, but you said it
had nothing to do with that either. So what is it?

I understand if two people weren't made for each other. That is
completely understandable; however, you made the life changing decision
to get married and have three children. I don't regret being born, and
I'm sure Sam and Steven don't either. But why, WHY on God's green Earth
would you decide to get divorced NOW?

Sam just graduated. She got to spend high school with all her friends.
She got to start her career, attend the college she WANTED to go to. I,
on the other hand, spent freshman year becoming who I was. An artist. At
school, I found my passion of art and literature. I put in an
application for a technical school and I got in. That was the biggest
achievment in my life, you both know that. Why would you take that away
from me?

I know, this sounds so entirely selfish. Obviously, I don't want either
of you to stay with each other if it makes you positively miserable, but
It's even more selfish that both of you have lived 40-45 years of your
life. You made your choices.

Why wouldn't you stay together long enough to let me make mine.

I fell in love, and you took me away from him.

I found who I am. A potential high school English teacher. I wanted to
take courses at Morris County Community College on the weekends, but you
took that away from me.

Battling with self harm before I hit puberty, smoking so much that I'm
surpised I didn't have lung cancer when I was 13, from there, I've come
such a long way.

Here and there, I've smoked a few cigarettes, kept some friends that
weren't the best influences, but when it comes down to it, in the last
year or so, all I've been doing is trying to make the both of you proud
of me.

I can't remember the last time either of you said that. I think I was in
the sixth grade and made MVP in Soccer.

What's done is done. You two made your decision. I just want to
understand why... Why you thought moving me to Florida instead of
letting me live with dad in Jersey was such a "wise" decision. I miss my
boyfriend, I miss my sister, I miss you daddy, and I miss Mema and

I love you,