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2010-11-01 20:34:37 (UTC)

The one

There's a lot of skepticism on the topic of teenage love. Most seem to
think that the brain hasn't developed fully enough to comprehend such a
feeling; that it's mostly confused with lust or infatuation.

But isn't that just what love is? Infatuation with a side of lust?

I'm dating my absolute best friend. Not someone I used to hang out with
or gossip with, but someone who I have an understanding for and who
understands me. We are two completely different people. He's a family
oriented hick and I'm a Cuban and consider myself to be a loner. He
enjoys sports, I enjoy junk food. He's 5'8" and 140 something pounds and
I'm 5'6" and 205 pounds. He is a conservative republican, and I lean
toward a liberal democrat.

I have a deep appreciation for his views and outtake on life. We listen
to each other. We talk about our hopes and dreams, and down the road we
came to realize that we fit perfectly in each other's future. At the end
of the day, we both have the same goal in mind.

Honestly, no matter what happens to me, I'll be okay knowing that he's
always there for me. His comforting ways and his sexy smile, everything
about him makes every hardship of life completely worth it in the end.

It's like I'm in a race, but I've already won first place.

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