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2010-11-01 13:51:58 (UTC)

Trick Or Treat!

Happy Halloween! I gotta say today was a lot of doing
nothing but
watching scary movies, it was relaxing actually. Ryan
called and I
didnt call him back for like 3 hours later and his comment
was "I
didnt think you were going to call me again for like 2
days as
payback" then asked if I was ok bc I seemed distant a
little.....Well no shit sherlock, thats what happens when
you blow
me off for two days lol. Gotta say it was a little sweet
to hear,
but I told myself I was going to disattach emotionally so
thats what
Im doing!

Boys had a great time trick or treating with grandma, I
stayed and
manned the door and handed out candy lol. I actually like
because I get to see all the costumes on the little ones,
so cute!!
Oh yeah....I talked to James tonight, his birthday is
coming up and may come to KS for it over his vacation and
wanted to know what we were going to do. I dont know
whether to believe him or blow him off.....WTF? ggrrrr

Ok, I gotta work in the morning so I will talk to you all
Have a great night!

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