Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-11-01 02:28:12 (UTC)

Hallowed Eve

I was going out, I'm not, I have nothing to wear, I didn't really plan
on not having anything, I did have an idea of sorts, but, didn't pan
out, ah well. next year right? one can hope.

Sigh. I quit the A&W job yesterday, they cut my hours from the 27 I
was supposed to get this week to 16, and scheduled me for 20 next
week, they'd told me I'd be getting full time, not 4 days of 4 to 6
hour shifts, it's not even worth the gas to go. on top of that, the
asst manager is a shrill condescending harpy from romania who thinks
everyone else around them is an idiot, although to be fair about
todays shift, I was slacking off about sweeping the floor that had
been swept 4 times in the 6 hours I'd been there today already.

The car is a paperweight, the starter went on it the other day, I knew
it was going, I just figured I'd have more time, apparently not. oh
well. I'll get it done sooner or later, hopefully next week, that'd be

I also need to start chilling out with peoples, my roomies decided he
wants to be friends with the dregs of society like he has been
everywhere else. these are not people I have anything even remotely in
common with, I just am going to shake my head and roll my eyes into
the back of my head, rednecks and wastrels are not my kind of people.
I may be a snob, but thats fine. I just need to make some friends and
find a new job asap, although I'll be going back to the daily slave
labour on monday, blah.