2010-10-30 01:48:58 (UTC)

i`m sorry i didn`t write ..

i`m sorry i didn`t write in a long time i was really busy and mu thought
oh suicide increase by alot. but my friend are worry about me but i`m ok
now they are looking after me. my cousin dating my best friend. whoopee?
i`m not a person that like love that much i`m sorry if u don`t like that
about me. in my first entry i forgot to add something i`m also a person
u can come to so if u need someone to talk to when no one understand
message me and ill try to give the best advice i can i`m kinda of good
at that.(while at least my friend say that.)the demon is gone because my
mother threw "holy water" in my room but the demon told me something
after that happen but thought a dream it said that it was a boy and his
name is grim and is happy to meet it is sorry that if i had frighten but
not to forget him cuz he`ll be here for me. i smile and said bye.He gave
me something it was a cross with a blue thing in the middle. when i went
to church tht say i say something exactly like it i begged my mother to
buy she did thankfully.. i wasn`t gonna buy it but grim said " wear it
this way it will make it easier to kept a eye on u and it will protect u
too while someone ok." i wear we im feel alone. good things did happen
to me thought when i wore it maybe grim wants me to be really happy but
depend how my moring gose but the magic wore off lol but im ok now i
geuss out found ppl care about me.. bye for now