Confessions of a married woman
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2010-10-28 14:59:05 (UTC)

Jealousy and Randomness

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that my husband is a jealous
freak. While dating and married I was never allowed to wear short
or low top stuff, EVER no exceptions. After our separation, of
course I went all out. I started wearing low cut stuff, and after
my weight loss, i did low cut and short dresses. He has ripped a
few of my stuff when he sees it andthat totally pisses me off. Like
this dress that I wore to party in Vegas. It was soooo cute! He
found it and he painted it with house paint and then he shred it
into pieces. I loved that dress so much and now it's gone :(.

I had been looking for halloween costumes and I wasn't even feeling
in the spirit, finally I decided that it was time for me to get a
costume and I purchased one online, it was a Gatsby Girl Costume,
super cute and shinny. I tried on my Batwoman costume from a couple
of years ago, and it fit me big but not ugly big, it actually looked
very cute, so that was another option and then finally my little
sister found her nurse costume, which she couldn't find, I tried it
on and sure enough it fit :) It looks hot! I took it with me put
it in my back seat so I wouldnt take it home and what's his face
would find it. BUT yesterday he decided he would change my
windshield wipers, I told him he didn't have to that I could take
the car to pepboys and they could probably install them for me. He
insisted. Of course he wasn't able to put them on, as he is not
very handy, but he was able to snoop around my car and find my
costume. While he was "putting on" my wipers I was inside the house
washing dishes, he comes in and says, "i see you are changing your
costume" right away I said that was my sister's that she had left it
in my car, which totally made sense, as we car pool everyday. He
didn't say anything. I'm just glad it is his weekend off, which
most likely means that he will spend a few days over with his
bitch.. I REALLY REALLY hope that's the case! I don't feel like
dealing with his stupidity! Oh and on Monday he was all up on my
business, he wanted to have sex with me right after he came from
work, I was like no way, maybe you are all turned on my her and you
didnt get soem from her and now you are using me, forget it,
secretly it was too early for me to have sex with anyone, I just had
sex with A... I want him to be all i've had in a while...just him, i
dont' want anyone right now, nor will I anytime soon.... I wan him
to linger inside me..just him. :)

ugh.. the drama I live in, no wonder no one takes me serious! So
today will be my second day in class, I'm taking Accounting 2 and
one of these days I need to go see my counselor to see how many more
classes I have to get my AA and transfer. I think I have about two
and I want to sign up for them alreay to atleast get my AA and get
this going! I also hope and pray that I'm going to pass this class,
because accounting is so freaking difficult! We will see,
thankfully my friend Ash is taking the class, she is actually the
one that convinced me to take it with her, she said I have her
support and vice versa, I hope it is easier that way. We are a
great team she is awesome and I'm glad she is home safe. She was in
Afganistan for 7 months, and when she came back her husband threw
here a little BBQ and I was invited. I thought it was going to be
like a big BBQ with lots of friends, music and booze, and no way, it
was so intimate. It was just her husband's family which were hard
core christians but very lovely and her Airforce girlfriend and
myself. I felt special :) then she showed us her pictures oh and
she also showed me her snake.. eek! and that was fun. She is so
bad ass she drives a sports bike, I always admire females that ride
bikes! Maybe one day she will give me a ride. So today is my
second day in accounting and I don't even have a book, hopefully
I'll get it sooN! I ordered it already.

I also hope that A contacts me too! I miss him just instant
messaging me, because that is what he does. Although he did message
me on Tuesday while I was in class. He asked how my weekend was, I
just said "ok" he said, "just ok" and I said well Friday was
awesome, but Sat and Sun were just okay. He asked, "what happend on
Friday" lol he's so cute. I gave him some details.. he wanted more
but common I was in class and AS IF he didn't know! he loves
putting me on the spot I tell you! He can put me however he wants
anway lol.. Can't wait to hear from him or/and see him. Little does
he know how much I really know about him.. but I will leave that for
another time. I need to get to work, I have so much stuff to do!
So see ya later!


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