Confessions of a married woman
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2010-10-25 15:40:28 (UTC)

He's just like the sea

WOW! Where to begin. I haven't logged on here for a few weeks!
Funny that I just read my last entry and it has to do with him, with
A. *deep sigh* Again he's on my mind, he always is even if he's in
my thoughts all the way to the back he's there. A always sends me
instant messages, asking how I'm doing, to send him a picture, just
to say hi, for whatever reason he always does. it's like we are
dating on line, literally, except, he's a very private person. He
doesnt say much about his life, and I dont like to ask him, since he
doesn't ask about mine, that doesn't mean I don't care about his at
all, because I do, I really do. I just wish he'd open up more to
me. I wanna know where he comes from, what he is thinking, how he
does things. I wanna know everything about him. Ill just settle for
him chatting with me and wanting me, so I don't ask questions
besides, like I've said before I could never have anything serious
with him.

On Friday, he send me a message early in the afternoon while I was
at work. He asked what I was doing, I told him I was at work, and
in pain because my back/shoulder hurt. He asked what time I got off
and I told him, he told me I should go down there. I thought about
it really good, because A. my husband was going to stay out and B. I
had no plans and C. It's been over a year or so that I haven't seen
him and he's been asking me to go see him fro the longest and I
always say no. So I decided to go. I just wanted traffic to die
down a bit before I left and I also wanted to get some things done,
as I had a fundraisng event the next day. He kept sending me
messages, that he wanted me to come, blahblah, blah... I took a
shower, then a nap then I was awaken by my phone, it was him again.
I told him yes I'd be going down. He asked me what time, I said I'll
leave my house like in 10, and off I went to Oceanside. He gave me
an address on where to meet him. I pulled and there he was walking
my way.... this gorgeous 6'1 guy coming inside MY car! Whew... I
could hardly breath. He said "hi" I said "hi" he said, "you look
good" and I said, "thank you, so do you, but you know that already"
and his cockiness said, "ahh yea I know" lol what an ass. We drove
around, debating where we were gonna go... after minutes of driving
around, we parked and walked down to the beach, it was a tad chilly
so I took my scarf with me. We sat in the sand looked at the waves,
it was so surreal, just to be by his side. What I ca't stand about
him that he doesnt do anythign without asking, he always ask what I
want, what do iwant him to do... its soooo annyoing, he's always
putting me on the spot instead of just doing whatever he wants with
me, I'm his.. he can do whatever he pleases with me. I was so
nervous but so happy to be by his side. He grabbed my arm and
caressed it with his fingers... from the palm of my hand to the top
of my arm, it tingled all over, gave me goose bumps.. I wanted to
jump his bones right there and then, I contained myself, he finally
kissed me... we kissed, it felt sooo good...he grabbed me from
theback of my head, kissing me deeper.. he kissed my neck.. my
ears.. moaned in my ears, he was making me hot! really hot... I
decided to show him a lil bit of agressiveness on my part since I'm
soo shy,but then I leaned over him... and I kissed him.. kissed his
neck, his ears... ran my fingers through his chest... and down his
crotch... hewas getting hot too. Then we stopped. I told him that I
couldnt believe i was there, and that he was here, and that this was
unreal.. I wanted him to slap me and wake me from this "dream" I
told him he was he was like the sea. He was like really? How so?, I
said, you're beautiful to look at, mysterious, intimidating, rough,
but gentel at the same time...we made out again and enjoyed every
minute again, I didn't want it to end.

We got up dusted our selves up, got back in the car... and we got a
room I was so nervous... this was something I'd wanted for a long
time, I'd been waiting forever. This is the first tim e in a long
time that I was going to have sex for someone that I really care
for. It really was going to happen there was no turning back. I
felt like it was my very first time. I couldn't stop looking at him
my eyes were like magnents, we kissed.. he touched me... my neck..
my hair, my arms, my breasts, my legs, my ass, he was just feeling
me up slowly and it felt so good... i lifted... to be continued
because i need to work!

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