2010-10-25 11:00:31 (UTC)

bloody hell...

period is now a week late..and its scaring the hell outta me. still
though maybe im just paranoid? i'll give it another week and see what

today should be okay, im on my own til about 5 so i have control over
what i do today. i can draw in my book of feelings, its like a book i
have and what im feeling i'll write or draw, maybe both. i'll
scribble words over and over again but somehow it doesn't always help
with the cutting situation. i have two new marks on my right arm,
they are clear to see yet no one really notices, jack noticed one
when i went swimming with him and martin but other than that no one
and sometimes i like it that way but it depends if i either want to
be noticed or if i just want to disappear. i think i might boil a
carrot for lunch lol i really fancy carrots, maybe with like 5 pieces
of pasta or something lol its bloody freezing in this house and the
heatings on.

parents been arguing all weekend but not quite sure what about so
nothing out of the normal...i give up understanding my parents

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