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2010-10-23 06:17:55 (UTC)


wth is your problem dude i mean seriously i say i don't want to talk
to you n you just can't do it why do you ask bout me you don't want me
to be mad at the fact tat i don't like being played on and the first
chance you get to play with my feelings you do it what kind of person
are you huh why can't you just let me live my life and live your own
life you know how i feel why do you insist on breaking my heart why is
it that i give you the power to control how i feel if i am happy or
not if only you understood what I'm going threw i want to change how i
feel about you i don't want to love you any more i don't want to hate
you either I'd rather have nothing for you n be happy be Beth again
not this person tat i am right now that trust nobody n just waiting
for ppl to break their promises

best wishes your Ex

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