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2010-10-23 03:24:23 (UTC)

The Fast

“I need help jump starting my diet. I need to fast for a day or two to clear out my system, but I don’t have the discipline to do it alone.”
“Are you asking for my help?”
“Yes Sir.”
“What did you have in mind?”
“I thought maybe we could spend the weekend together. That way you could keep me honest. We could get together starting Saturday morning and I could fast Saturday and Sunday.”
“No. If we do it, we will get together Friday night and you will remain with me until Sunday night. I will observe you from your last meal until you break your fast. Otherwise, you’ll cheat. A fat little pig like you can’t be trusted. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes Sir.”
“If you really want to do this, you will come to my place directly after work on Friday. We will have dinner together. Then you will start your fast. You will not eat again until we dine on Sunday night. Is that what you want?”“Yes, please, Sir.”
“Of course, you know there will be a price to pay. During your 48 hour fast I will keep you in extreme discomfort and pain. Hunger will be the least of your problems. Is that what you want?”“Yes Sir.”
“Very well, slut. I’ll see you Friday.”

I drive to my Dom’s house Friday after work. I’m nervous about what I agreed to, but I know I need the help. I’ve been struggling with my weight for so long. I know this is the only way. I pull up to his house and knock on the door. He opens it but doesn’t let me in yet.
“Welcome piggy. Before you enter, you must know the rules. Once you come inside, you will be here until Sunday night. You will fast for 48 hours. You will be tortured for most of those 48 hours. If you use your safeword, the torture will end. However, you will then be locked in the bathroom for the remainder of the 48 hours and still denied food. Do you understand the rules, slut?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Do you still want to come in?”
“Yes Sir.” He lets me in. I notice the dining room table is set for a lovely, romantic, candlelight dinner. I smile while thinking how nice dinner will be with my Dom. He tells me to sit down so that he can serve us. I happily obey. He brings out two dishes covered in silver. He puts one plate in front of me and one at his seat. He uncovers his first, revealing a juicy steak, vegetables, and a baked potato. My mouth starts watering. He uncovers my dish next – and it’s empty.

I look at my Dom, confused. He grabs me by my hair and drags me into the kitchen and pushes me to my knees. On the floor in front of me a bowl of what turns out to be cold oatmeal. Yuck. “Eat up little piggy. You better eat it all because it’s the last food you get for the next 48 hours.”

He walks back out to the dining room to enjoy his delicious meal. I am left looking at a most unappetizing bowl of gruel. I think I made a huge mistake, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I bend down on my hands and knees and put my face to the bowl. I take a small bite. The cold oatmeal is as disgusting as I imagined it would be. I am suddenly not hungry. I take just a few bites.

I don’t know how much time passes before my Dom returns to the kitchen. He has finished his dinner. He sees my still rather full bowl and is not happy with me. He roughly grabs my hair. “How dare you ask me for help, come to my house, and insult me by rejecting the food I prepared for you! You will eat every bite and lick the bowl clean and the longer it takes, the worse your punishment is going to be.”
He shoves my entire face into the bowl and holds it there. I begin to slop it up. He yanks my head up by my hair to check if I’m eating. It also allows me to breath for a second. Then he pushes my face back down into the bowl and I continue to take large, disgusting bites. He releases my head and I immediately sit up from the bowl. It is not empty yet. “Get your head back in that bowl right now! You dumb fucking pig. Slop it up like the pig you are. Hurry up to; I have other things to do besides watch you eat.”

I bend back down and reluctantly continue eating. Eventually, I finish and sit back up. Or at least, I thought I finished. “Don’t you pay attention at all? Or are you too stupid? I said that you will lick the bowl clean, now do it!” I obey. Finally, my efforts meet with his satisfaction.

“Now look how disgusting you are. You have food all over your face. You really do look like a pig. Wipe your ugly face off and follow me. Stay on your hands and knees. The next two days you are not allowed to walk upright unless I specifically give you permission to.” I clean my face off and crawl after him.

He leads me into his garage. “Strip bitch.” I obey. He tosses my clothes into a damp, dirty corner. “Over the paddling bench, now.” I climb onto the bench and my Dom quickly ties me in place. “Now I was just going to start with some simple bondage, but since you were such a disobedient little slut, you get the cane instead. You just lie here and think about how my nice long fiberglass cane is going to feel on your fat ass. I’ll be back in one hour to start your caning.”

I hear him walk away leaving me bound and awaiting the cane upon his return. The cane hurts like a motherfucker and I am absolutely dreading it. One hour I am left dreading the inevitable. Eventually, I hear him return. He says nothing to me, but I immediately feel the first lash of the cane on my ass. It strikes only my left ass cheek, as does the next one, and the one after that. I don’t count but I estimate about 15 hard lashes on my left ass cheek. My Dom has ignored my screams. Finally, he speaks, “I’ll be back in another hour to do the right side.” And with that, he leaves again.

Another hour I am left with my left ass cheek burning and nothing to do but await the punishment to my right ass check. Oddly, I’m getting bored doing nothing but waiting and staring at the wall. Finally, he returns and begins to cane my right ass cheek. Again I scream through 15 lashes. My ass is now evenly on fire. And yet again my Dom leaves, leaving me tied to the bench.
I guess about another hour passed before my Dom returned again. I think I’m going stir crazy spending so long with nothing to do but look at the dull gray wall. Fortunately, he finally unties me. “Did you enjoy your time in bondage?”

“Not really Sir, it was a little boring.” Big mistake.“Boring? I’ve been boring you? Listen whore, this weekend is about keeping food out of your fat ass mouth! It is not about me entertaining you! So far I have kept you from eating 3 hours; that’s probably longer than you’ve ever gone without eating during waking hours. So I’ve done my fucking job, haven’t I? Haven’t I?!”
“Yes Sir.”
“So what do you have to say to me?”
“Thank you Sir.”
“On the ground, on your stomach, now.” I obey. In no time he has me in a very tight hogtie. He positions me with my face almost touching the wall in front of me. “I’ll see you in a few hours, slut. Hope you’re not too bored.”

He walks back into the house, leaving me alone. I close my eyes rather than stare at the wall. I think maybe I can fall asleep to pass the time, but the hogtie is very tight and uncomfortable. I try to ignore it but since there is nothing else to distract me, that becomes impossible. Soon the discomfort turns to pain. I start to squirm around but it doesn’t help. I resign myself to lie still and accept the pain and monotony. I have no idea how long I was left there. I was crying from the pain by the time I heard my Dom’s footsteps approaching.

“So whore, are you still bored?”
Yes. Sob. “No Sir.”
“Would you like me to leave you here for the rest of the night then?”
“No Sir!”
“If I untie you, will you be an obedient little slut?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Very well.” Mercifully, he unties me. My joints are aching from being held in one position for so long. I raise myself only so far as my hands and knees, recalling the rule my Dom set earlier. I crawl after him and into the living room. He positions me on my hands and knees in front of him. He turns the TV on and puts his feet up on my back, using me as a footrest. I turn my head to see what he is watching. Suddenly I feel a hard lash on my ass. My Dom has his cane out and lashes me two more hard times on the ass. “Keep your eyes facing forward, bitch. I didn’t give you permission to watch TV. In fact, fuck this; you are too much work for me tonight. I think you need some time in the hood.” My Dom gets his leather hood out.

My Dom places the thick leather hood over my head. The eyes are covered so I cannot see anything and most of the sound of the TV is muzzled too. It’s a little bit of sensory deprivation. I think I was left acting as his footrest for at least an hour. Eventually I felt my Dom remove his feet from my back. I felt a tug coming from the front of the hood and I assumed he had attached a leash to it. I blindly crawled after him in the direction I felt him pulling. He stopped and pulled me up to my knees and spoke loudly enough to be heard through the hood. “It’s time for bed piggy. Of course you cannot be trusted to stay out of the kitchen on your own so you will be tied up. I think I’ll leave the hood on too to remind you of your place.” He put me on the bed and tied me face-up in a spread eagle. He left the hood on and didn’t cover me with a blanket or anything. He left me bound and hooded feeling particularly exposed and helpless all night.

I didn’t sleep much and hated that I couldn’t see a clock or any light to tell me what time it was. I felt like I was stuck there forever. Finally my Dom came and untied me and removed the hood. I was allowed to use the bathroom and then directed to crawl to the kitchen. My stomach was already growling.

“I’m hungry piggy. So you are going to fix me breakfast. But first…” He pulled out a large penis-gag, the kind I hate. He fastened it to me and locked it in place with a small padlock. The phallus went deeper into my throat than was comfortable and I had to make a concerted effort not to gag. This is my least favorite type of gag and my Dom knows it.

“You are going to learn to love this gag, because you’re going to be wearing it all day. This way I don’t have to keep an eye on your every minute because you aren’t able to eat, period. Now, for breakfast I want you to make me bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. I hope the smell of the delicious food doesn’t bother you too much. He-he. Get to work.”

He left me alone in the kitchen, naked and gagged. I cooked his breakfast and yes, the delicious aromas made my stomach growl even more. I served him his breakfast when it was ready. He allowed me to kneel beside him and watch him eat. He made it a point of telling me how tasty the food was and reminding me that if I weren’t such a fat pig I’d be allowed to join him. After breakfast I cleaned up while he read the paper. I was ordered to stand in a corner when I was done so he could finish the paper in peace.

When he was done he returned his attention to me. “So piggy, cutting calories is only half of what you need to do. You also need to start burning more calories, which we will start doing now.” He took me to the basement, which was really his home gym. For the next two hours he was not my Dom, but rather my drill sergeant. He had me run on the treadmill, doing sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squats, lift weights, etc. All the while he encouraged me to work harder and faster by lashing me with the riding crop and telling me what a pathetic pig I was. I was crying and drooling so much I could barely breathe. I was tired, hungry, thirst, and covered with sweat when he was done. I was disgusting.
“Are you thirsty piggy?”
I nodded.
“Very well. I’m going to remove the gag so you can drink. You may not speak. You will drink all of what I give you and then the gag goes back on.”
He removed the gag and gave me two huge bottles of water. I was thirsty, but not that thirsty. Not wanting to piss him off I managed to gulp down the full two bottles. But it made my stomach hurt and I could feel all the water sloshing around inside me. True to his word he forced the dreaded gag back on the moment I was done.

He gave me a bucket and washcloth and told me to clean myself off. I would have preferred an actual shower. I did as instructed.
I thought the exercising was done, but I was wrong. “Jumping jacks, now, start.” I began the jumping jacks and now could really feel the water inside me. It was extremely uncomfortable. My Dom began generously lashing my ass and thighs with the crop while ordering me to jump higher and faster. After ten minutes of jumping jacks he ordered me to my hands and knees. He attached tight clamps to my nipples and attached a leash to the clamps. He ordered me to crawl from one end of the room to the other. When I didn’t crawl fast enough he just gave a hard yank on the leash and sent pain ripping through my nipples. After twenty minutes of crawling and endless pain to my nipples, I was ordered back up for more jumping jacks, this time with the nipple clamps still on. Every jump caused extreme pain to my nipple and I was soon crying.

“What’s the matter slut, are your nipples hurting you?” I nodded. “Do you want me to remove the clamps?” I nodded.
“Okay.” He took them off, much to my relief. Unfortunately, he then put them on my pussy lips, ordered me to stop crying, and told me to get back to work. Doing the jumping jacks with the clamps on my pussy was a whole new and excruciating torment.

Eventually, the second round of exercise came to an end. My Dom was ready for lunch. “So piggy, how are you feeling? Have to pee yet?” Now that he mentioned it, I actually really did. Those two bottles of water had gone right through me. I nodded.

“Good. Since this weekend is about self-control, you will have a chance to practice some.” He tied me standing and spread eagle in the basement. “I’ll be back down after my lunch. You will remain here and not make a mess on my floor. If you do, I will cane you like nothing you have ever experienced before. You better be able to hold it.” With that, he left me to my misery.

He took his time with his lunch. I was in agony and desperately needed to pee. Being tied with my legs spread wasn’t helping. I felt like I was going to burst. Finally, my Dom came back down to check on me. I was begging him for relief while he stood there mocking me.

He untied me and led me to stand in a shower stall. “Here’s the deal, you will stand here and not pee for another twenty minutes. If you succeed, you will be rewarded. If you fail, I will paddle your ass five times for every minute early you go. Let’s see how much self-control you really have.”

I held out as long as I could, but I knew I’d never last another twenty minutes. After only five more minutes of agony I let go. I was dirty and humiliated as my Dom watched. He rinsed me off in freezing water and then marched me upstairs while telling me what a useless and filthy pig I was. For going fifteen minutes early, I had earned sixty swats with the paddle! Knowing that I’d never be able to take so many without moving, my Dom immediately tied me bend over the dining room table.

With no warm up he laid into me with the paddle. Each swat landed full and hard on my fat ass. He calmly counted each stroke. I was soon crying and practically choking on the penis-gag. He ignored my cries and continued methodically punishing my ass. I was just about sobbing uncontrollably when he finished.

As a follow-up he had me kneel on the kitchen floor and gave me a notebook and pen. I was ordered to write ‘I am a fat pig and I must learn self-control’ 1,000 times. I was hungry, humiliated, and in intense pain. I had never felt quite so sorry for myself. By the time I finished my lines my hand hurt almost as much as my jaw and stomach. My Dom reviewed my work and counted all the errors such as crossed-out words and such. There were a lot. He ordered me to hold my hands out and lashed them with his belt for each error. I did my best to beg him for mercy, but it was pretty hard with the gag still on. I desperately wanted the phallus removed but I knew my Dom would never take it off earlier than he said he would. Instead he just mocked me and told me that if I wore it more often I’d probably eat a lot less and be less of a fat pig in dire need of such discipline.

Apparently all my crying and whining was starting to annoy my Dom. He had me crawl into the garage and once again hog-tied me. Instead of just staring at the wall this time, he lined up some of my favorite foods in front of me to look at: a bottle of coke, a bag of cheddar-cheese goldfish, a chocolate bar, etc. Gagged and bound there was nothing I could do to end my hunger or torture. “You are so pathetic. Even though all your suffering today has been the result of your constant over-eating, I know if given the chance you would devour all this junk in a heartbeat.

No self-control whatsoever, no wonder you are such a fat pig. Well go ahead and drool over your favorite foods, you still have over another 24 hours of fasting to go.” And with that he left me alone to suffer. He must have left me there for a couple of hours because I was in ten types of pain when he returned. He laughed at my tear and drool covered face. He untied me and removed the horrible gag long enough to force-feed me another two bottles of water. Before I could protest he shoved the gag back in my mouth and locked it in place. He said he was in the mood for a quick fuck before sitting down for dinner. But since I certainly hadn’t earned any reward he had to make sure it would not be a pleasurable experience for me.

He ordered me onto my back with my legs in the air and spread wide. He then fastened a bunch of clothespins to my pussy and clit. I was horrified to see him grab his flogger next. He mercilessly flogged my exposed cunt until every peg had been whipped off. My cunt now sore and throbbing, I was almost ready to be fucked. He put me on my hands and knees. He took out a clover clamp and attached it to my aching clit. Apparently not squealing loudly enough he hung a couple ounces of weight from it.

“Now you’re gonna get fucked like the fat pig you are. Looking at your fat face is just as bad as looking at your fat ass so I’m going to take you from behind. And with every thrust of my cock the weights dangling from your filthy clit are going to swing and cause you even more pain. That’s what you get from being such a pig.” He came up behind me, took a firm grip on my hair, and began fucking me hard. Every movement caused my clit intense pain. He fucked me hard if not long, saying little but occasionally slapping my still sore ass. When he finished I was ordered to remain on my hands and knees with the clamps and weights still on my clit for another several minutes.
He then had me crawl into the dining room, still carrying the weight on my clit and thus every step being agony. Once by the table he removed the evil clamp. I was again to kneel in front of him and watch while he ate. He was eating another of my favorite foods – pizza. The smell had my stomach growling loudly. He held it under my nose to torment me more. He ate almost the entire pie. But the last piece he said he saved for me. Before I could foolishly get too excited he took the slice and began rubbing it all over my body, covering me in grease, cheese, and sauce. He made sure to rub it over my gagged face and over my cunt.

“Is this what you want, you fat pig? You love it so much you want to roll around in it and fuck it like a pig?” He dragged me in front of a mirror and ordered me to look at myself. “See how disgusting you are? See what a filthy, fat pig you are? Spend the next couple of hours looking at yourself and see how it feels.” He cuffed my hands behind me and left me gagged, naked, on my knees, covered in pizza and staring at myself in the mirror. I again cried.

As bedtime approached my Dom led me to the shower, forced me to piss myself, and finally rinsed me off in icy water. He also finally removed the torturous gag. Before tying me up for bed, he bent me over for a goodnight paddling. “After every stroke you will say ‘I’m sorry for being such a fat pig’.” The strokes were heavy and had me screaming. And after each one I remembered to say “I’m sorry for being such a fat pig.” He gave me twenty hard strokes with the paddle. He then shoved a large butt-plug into my ass, tied up spread-eagle to the bed, and left me for the night.

By morning I thought I was going to starve to death. I couldn’t believe I still wouldn’t be allowed to eat until dinner time. I was untied from the bed and put into a new type of bondage. My Dom tied a rope very tightly around my stomach. He wrapped it around my mid-section several times pulling it as tight as possible. The rope cut deeply into me and my stomach bulged out above and below it. It was like a corset from hell and immediately hurt. I was assured I would be suffering it all day. My Dom again gagged me while I prepared a delicious and aromatic breakfast for him. This time he put me on my hands and knees and ate the food using my back as his table.
After breakfast he removed the gag and sent me down to his gym. He put me on the treadmill. “I will be back down to check on you in one hour. You are to have run five miles by then. If you haven’t, I will cane your ass and legs methodically until you finish the full five miles. Understand pig? Then get started.”

I ran as fast as I could but I just could not reach the right pace. The painful rope cutting into my stomach was also a bit of a distraction. By the time my Dom returned I had only done a little over four miles. True to his word he began caning my ass and legs while I continued to run. It took another nine minutes of unrelenting lashes before I hit the five mile mark.

Next came sit-ups – 100 of them! I was able to do about sixty without too much of a problem, but then I began to slow down. As I lay on my back struggling to sit up, my Dom took off his belt. He lashed it down across my stomach. He continued whipping my fat stomach as motivation until all 100 were done. He put clamps on my nipples that were attached to a connecting chain that he used to pull me up and down for 100 squats. He flogged my back to get me to do fifty push-ups. And he paddled my ass for 200 jumping-jacks. I was ordered to drink two huge bottles of water before being sent to the corner. The rope corset made drinking the water very difficult. In the corner, my Dom cuffed my hands behind me and produced a ping-pong ball. “You will hold this against the wall with your nose. I’ll be back down in a little while. If you haven’t dropped it, you get fifteen minutes with the vibrator. If you do drop it, you get fifteen slaps across the face.”
He put the small ball in place and went upstairs. I wished I knew how long he was going to be gone. I was careful not to move and not to press my nose against it too hard or too light. With my hands cuffed behind me there would be no way to replace the ball if it fell. My Dom left me there for about an hour. I managed to hold the ball in place for almost three quarters of it. When he returned and saw it on the floor he turned me to face him and began slapping my face. First on the right cheek, then the left, back and forth fifteen times until my face was on fire. He picked up the ping-pong ball and told me we were going to do it again and this time the stakes were doubled. I dropped it even sooner this time and suffered through another thirty face-slaps as a result. I was crying before he finished.

I told my Dom I needed to pee and was rewarded with an extra hard bonus slap for speaking without permission. He said I was again going to have to practice self-control. Like yesterday, he bound me spread-eagle standing in the middle of the room. But now I had the extra challenge of the rope cutting into my stomach and adding extra pressure. He got his lunch but brought it downstairs to eat so he could watch me suffer and squirm. I desperately needed to pee and he loved mocking me about it. He walked up to me and began rubbing my lower stomach. That was all it took. I relieved myself right on his floor. He was not happy. He untied me, forced me to the ground, and rubbed my face in the mess I made, like you would do with a naughty puppy. He then flogged me every second I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up. He tied me back up and continued flogging my cunt, stomach, and tits until I was screaming and begging for mercy. He put tight clamps on my nipples, pussy lips, clit, and tongue and hung heavy weights from each of them. He caned my ass and back of my thighs thirty hard times before turning off the lights and leaving me to suffer alone in the dark. I was left with the clamps and weights on my most tender areas for about an hour before he returned. He paddled my ass another thirty times before finally removing the weights and clamps. The pain I was in was almost enough to make me forget about my hunger.

“So, we have about four more hours of fasting before you are allowed to eat again. Hungry?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Ever go this long without eating before?”
“No Sir.”
“I think it’s good for you. Maybe we should repeat this fast periodically. Tell me why it’s necessary.”
“Because I’m a fat pig.”
“That’s right. Say it again.”
“I’m a fat pig.”
“I’m a fat pig!”
“Good. Now you will stay on your knees with your hands on your head and continue repeating that just as loudly over and over again. I’m going upstairs for a while but the door will be open so I can hear you. Do not stop until I return and tell you to.”He left as I assumed the position and continued shouting “I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig! I’m a fat pig!”One hour later he had me recite my mantra. Three hours left to suffer.

The next two hours were spent in my Dom’s sensory deprivation hood, on my hands and knees, serving as his footrest while he watched TV. He said the hood was to block out any distractions and allow me to focus solely on my hunger and suffering.The final hour had me on my knees in the kitchen. Still hooded I could smell the aromas as my Dom prepared dinner. Still with the rope digging into my stomach I prayed he would remove it soon because it was absolute agony. During this time he again had me reciting my mantra, “I’m a fat pig” over and over again. As the end of my 48 hour fast approached my Dom removed the hood and rope corset and spoke with me. “You may now thank me for helping you with your fast.” “Thank you Sir for helping me complete my fast. I know I could not have done it without you.”“You’re welcome. How does dinner smell? Are you looking forward to it?”

“Yes Sir. It smells wonderful.” “Then I should tell you that what you’re smelling isn’t your dinner, it’s mine. Your problem is that you eat to enjoy the food. You should be eating for nutritional value only. You enjoy eating too much and you must change that. We must teach you to not enjoy eating and to eat only for sustenance. Your dinner is in the bowl next to you. It is more of the cold gruel you had two days ago. It doesn’t taste good, but it will fill you up, give you nutrients, and settle your stomach – which is all you need or deserve. You will eat it all and then thank me for it. Eat up piggy.” My Dom retired to the dining room to enjoy his deliciously prepared feast. I was miserably left to eat my gruel off the floor like a pig. It was disgusting but I was starving and ate it all quickly. I licked the bowl clean and thanked my Dom when he returned. Before sending me home, he allowed me to dress. He put a rubber pig-nose on my face and wrote PIG with a marker across my forehead. He then gave me a large box. “Inside you will find food for the upcoming week. More yummy gruel. It’s all you are allowed to eat this week. You will even bring it to work with you for lunch. At breakfast and dinner you will eat it from a bowl on the floor like a pig, naked. If you take so much as a single bite of any other food this week, we will repeat the entire fast next weekend. Understand piggy?”

Meekly, “yes Sir.”“You will exercise at least sixty minutes every day while reciting your ‘I’m a fat pig’ mantra. You will drink eight cups of water a day and are only allowed to pee once in the morning, once before bed, and once only during the day. You will wear your pig-nose at all times except while at work, but you will wear it while driving to and from the office. Do you understand, piggy?”“Yes Sir.”
“If you do well this week and lose some weight, I will consider allowing you some additional food choices next week. But this week it is gruel three times a day only. And since we are focusing on self-control and discipline, you are not allowed to masturbate at all this week. Got it?”“Yes Sir.”

I drove home in my pig-nose and labeled PIG for all to see. I brought my box of gruel into the kitchen and looked at all the yummy food in my fridge and cabinets. I seriously doubted I would survive the week, or even the night.