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2010-10-22 18:41:55 (UTC)

Food for Poor

Food for Poor: The food which has been cooked in different
houses is
rarely utilized 100% in India. The remaining food is been thrown
daily. We can increase the utilization of the same for
catering to
poor and underprivileged
The food which remains after the completion of the day will be
collected by our volunteers and will be distributed to poor
at a cost
of just Rupee 1 per plate. The volunteer doing the job of
and distribution will also be one from the poor families
and will be
given job as a volunteer.
If the food still remains unutilized, the same will be
converted to
organic material which can be used as a nourishment for
plants. The
same can be sold to different nurseries or farms for
Target Market:
All the People who cook food in India specially middle class
They can donate the food to poor by becoming a part of our
we can also gather food from Hotels as most of the food gets
wasted in
The Benefits:
The poor people who find it difficult to manage food will be
at a negligible cost. This will reduce their suffering and
they will
get a good quality food
The nurseries will also get benefit from the organic food
This initiative can reduce the food wastage
We will have a website where one who wants to donate money
to our
organization can donate money online
These funds will be used for the daily operations
We will use the parking Lots as the eco-advertizing medium
where we
will be using eco-friendly materials like Eco-Display,
Eco-Banner for advertising. This will benefit us in 2 ways .
First it
can reach to masses as most of our Target people go to malls
and second it will be cheap and eco-friendly
We can also make creative products which are customized for a
particular brand and the same will used for decoration at
places or shops or for selling also. The products used will
be made by
the young orphanage children or the retarded people. These
can be anything from a glass to a shoe or book or a banner etc
We can also use gardens at corporate or shopping places for
advertising of our Brand in an eco-friendly way
We can also advertise on the Eco-Friendly Hangers which can
be a good
medium especially in Malls to reach the masses.



The main motive is to provide food to the underprivileged by
means of social networking.

Here one can register as a participant in the initiative. On
registration, there will be people coming to your home every
evening to collect the food which is left after the whole
day has passed and the same will be given to the needy
people in just one rupee per plate. While giving your food
you can also donate one rupee and the same will be utilized
for the benefit of poor

This can be a good way to reduce food wastage and also will
be an opportunity for the poor to get food almost for free


Beneficiary: All the poor people who can not afford good
food for their family
Resources: All the people who believe in helping the society
and willing to participate in a social intiative


1. You can register yourself as a helper for giving your
waste food to underprivileged
2. You can even participate in other social initiatives
driven by us and the information will be provided on the
website. Al you need to do is register for the particular
initiative as a volunteer

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