My Business Ideas
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2010-10-22 18:08:20 (UTC)

Place where Talent Meets Ideas

A website where people can post their ideas and then search
for the
talent to join their group for starting a business

Inputs to be given for login:
1. Name
2. City
3. Designation
4. Company
5. Job Profle
6. Interests
7. Skillset
8. Email ID
9. Contact Number

Initial questionaire to know their interest areas:
1. The role they want to play : Manager, technical expert,
domain expert, analyser, commercial, website designer,
advertiser, researcher
2. The fields they are interested in : can be anything
3. What all services they want : they can choose from
features, 2 features will be free, rest all paid
4. The applicants who can see his profile : according to
their area of interest, or talent, or industry
5. What key features they would like to add in future that
they feel can be useful

1. You can only choose one role : a person with talent or a
person with ideas

The meet up features:
1. People can add a business idea and ask to applications
2. Only those people with required skill sets or interest or
belinging to a field specified byt idea generator will be
able to see the profile
3. There will be a questionnaire put up to applicants as per
your criteria for approval of application
4. After you accept the applicant , he will be added to your
group and any changes will be intimated to him, you can also
specify the limitation on the changes to be intimated to
each of the applicant depending on certain criteria or role
on which he is added
5. Appointment can be set on calender for meets
6. Agenda for discussion can be added and any one from the
group can give inputs
7. Their will be a final approval stage which everyone in
the group has to pass through, this can be reached after you
have already met and understood whether you can work
together or not. After this stage is approved , the person
becomes your partner
8. You can drop any one from your group any time you want
but you need to specify the reason, the intimation of the
drop will go to the person who is dropped with the reason
9. After the final partnership is decided, one can create an
organizational set up online where he can specify KRA’s for
each, these KRA’s will sent for approval to respective team
member and once approved will become the part of business.
10. members can also add discussion points anytime for next
agenda of meeting
11. There will be a difficulties window where members can
add areas of difficulty they are facing
12. Any new member can be added but only with approval of
all members



The motive is to provide help to bussing entrepreneurs who
have an idea and who want to start their business but are
not able to because of certain problems which can be:

1. Lack of investors
2. Lack of expertise
3. Lack of guidance
4. Need partners
5. Need Experts
6. Need research

Beneficiary: All the budding entrepreneurs
Resources: All the people who are ready to invest in good idea
All the people who are experts in their field and are ready
to provide guidance to budding entrepreneurs
Freelancers who are ready to work for startups as either
partners or employees


7. You can register yourself as entrepreneur and can choose
to get the benefits out of the website. The benefits will
a. You can search for a mentor
b. You can advertise your company to find freelancers or
c. You can send mails to investors to find out those who are
interested in your idea
8. There will be monthly contests for various ideas and the
winner will get the benefit in terms of investor confidence
so that he or she can convert his or her idea into reality
9. You can even register to become a partner to an
entrepreneur who are looking for partners with the same
expertise as you have
10. Entrepreneurs can find partners, employees, mentors and
investors . They can put them into their network and
interact with them for starting

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