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2010-10-22 08:07:29 (UTC)


dear babe

i wish you knew how i felt right know how much it kills me tat i Am in
this position how i wish i could some how make you feel how i feel
make you feel what you have put me threw how much you have hurt me i
wish you could just play a tape of our lives n see how selfish n how
much of a jerk you have been n how little you take in account that you
still do wen i think i Am getting over you there you are knocking at
my door why why do you still want to hurt me why do you manage to get
me every time wen are you going to leave me alone i love you and i
know i cant me with you because we wont work out no matter how many
times we try it you n me wont change i cant trust you you cant stand
the fact tat i cant you cant stand anything about me its like what
happened to us really what happened to me how did i go from being a
cheerful positive girl to some one that is just so unhappy how does
that happen how could i let that happen what did i do to desive this
huh i karma after me for stuff i did why do i let you control my
happyness i am sorry okay i cant talk to you anymore everytime i do
its like letting you play pinata with my heart n i cant take it
anymore i am to the point where i want to stop hurting n if that means
getting over you then i think its best you have told me many times you
dont want me n you dont need me so why dont you do wat you say n just
not talk to me why is there some kind of need for you to ask how i am
doing ask how your kids are doing dont ask bout my life cause you
don't care lets not kid around here you dont i dont want to know how
your life is because one thing leads to another n we are talking about
us and there is no us there isn't going to be an us so stop asking plz...

love truly your EX...