Kansas Girl

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2010-10-21 11:36:28 (UTC)

The night before weigh in......

Well here we go, I will either be crying tomorrow or super excited
one of the two!!


Day went fast
small lunch
gossiped with Amy on work time, lol (we were working too!)
Charlie texting me from Brazil
Did 45 minutes on my Wii Fit


I was grouchy today and Idk why
Conversation with James


This whole James thing is driving me nuts. If I knew going to visit
him this weekend was the right thing to do I wouldnt be questioning
it....therefore I know I probably shouldnt. Heres my delimma:

If I go:
I will get to see him
spend time with him
sleep next to him
kiss him
try and talk to him about how I feel
But I could be disappointed, left heartbroken and start all over
getting "over" him

If I dont go:
Still miss him
wonder "what if"
be sad that I didnt go
But I wont be hurt anymore than I already am, let him know Im not at
his beck and call, and that Im serious

Alright well I wanna watch Criminal Minds while I fold clothes!