everything happens for a reason...
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2010-10-20 08:47:04 (UTC)


its tuesday. nalaman na niya na crush ko siya.(well, ano naman?)
wala lang. he's starting to call me "labs" now, then one moment, he
ask me: "labs, anong araw ngayon(10.19.10)" see! he's a feeler but i
like the way he does. ;) bleh! :P anyways, i want to share this one.
it was physics time when suddenly he get my blue cattleya tickler.
that tickler contains my feelings, not for him. but for myself. :)
im not pertaining to anyone but still i dont want him to read it!
when i was about to get my tickler, he said: "tanggalin mo kamay mo?
hahawakan ko yan!?" he commanded me. though i want him to hold my
hand, i'd still did what is right. i dont want. i dont want to be
too closed to him cause all i know he's still in love with ***.