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2010-10-19 15:36:40 (UTC)

10/15 friday

-clinics at 2pm; stayed there for 1 hour
-came to office; loaded and unloaded the last 2 trucks;
-jack told me Jason and his friends want have dinner; but he couldn't
make it b/c we returned truck at 8:30; then he mentioned he will go
drink; i got mad again--why i feel this way? whenever he wants to go
eat or drink with his friends? i told him it's better we break up and
he didn't even beg me; didn't talk the whole way, came back to palo
alto for phone charger and jacket, then no talking on the way to his
house; after dropping him off, i cried all the way home;
-met bb outside house; did laundry; packed some stuffs; need to go
back b/c of tmrw; it's gonna be a long and sad night--well, i can call
mom or lele to keep my mind off him

-got home, kept watching the clock and hoping he would call after 2am;
he really called at 3am and told me he missed me and wants me to go
pick him up; i was very happy deep inside;
-picked him up and came back; i was not supposed to but we had sex

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