2010-10-19 14:55:52 (UTC)

10/18 Monday

-got up at 3pm; ate yesterday's leftover food;
-jack followed me to office but left after his friends came for couple
minutes; i called him and he said he was going to Oakland--see, i got
that feeling again--maybe i'm too sensitive or insecure?
-post office then stayed in office until 7:30; met bb and johnson at
Red Robin--really tired of Chinese food
-Ulta, then Target, then home put away the boxes; bb told me he is
renting the room out; but at least i only take whatever i need for the
next 2 months; hopefully i'll decide where to live next week by the
time Lin comes back (maybe Thursday)
-got a parking ticket outside Folsom; got mad at Jack again--i don't
remember he told me he was going to Folsom that night--nor tell me he
got a ticket! and he's been claiming he never lied to me!!!
-it's 8am, i need to go to sleep

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