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2010-10-18 23:03:37 (UTC)

long time no see...

im done with life
i havent ate in 2 days
i stopped talking to all my friends
i made my parents want to send me away
i started smoking again
i started cuttting again
i hate my life, nothing is worth it, nobody is worth it, i only have
you right now, nobody wants to hear me vent anymore, im just pathetic,
nothing is worth thi, all i feel right now is pain, in my chest, i
cant stop crying anymore, everytime i see them i get tears in my
eyes...i dont know why im so stupid to believe anybody, im just a
common stupid teenager...i just want to get out of here, move out of
martinsburg, this is the worst place to be, everybody hates you,
judges you, makes fun of you, unless your rich and popular, which im
not, im poor and invisible in the social world...i just cant find the
courage to kill myself...

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