The Real Me
2010-10-18 11:12:59 (UTC)

October and Recap

Ok so Ive not been able to write in this for a while now due to the
fact that Ive had no internet. Lets see we moved into our new flat
and its stunning, a penthouse. I dont know how we did it but we
practically got our dream home to live out in. Weve had people over
literally everyday. Drama level EXTREMELY HIGH. So long for a drama
free start. So in the past few weeks ive managed to slap my ex, hes
confessed his undying love for my best friend hes also punched a wall
in and also managed to get everyone to hate him. Ive managed to piss
of the Uni bitch and we ended up in a little argument. My best friend
ended up having a panic attack and passed out on the floor so we
ended up in hospital till 8 in the morning, also turns out she might
have a problem with her ovaries, it was horrible the whole
experience. Diana is still not over her ex and ended up going through
depression and several panic attacks. Naz managed to cause arguments
between a few people including my ex who he hit.And its V's
graduation today which like a lozer ive dressed up for. So it turns
out im not completely over him. He obviously doesnt know Ive dressed
up to impress him, quite sad I know, but im trying to appear mature
and intelligent. The sort of girl he would take home. Hes coming out
tonight I dont know how it will go but Ive not seen him in a month
and I just want ONEEEE DAY just THIS ONEEEEE DAY to go as planned.
And it already isnt. Why dont things turn out the way i picture it.
Im not asking for much