Little Secrets
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2010-10-16 17:55:27 (UTC)

great grandma

Anna Kuzinksi. You hear her name and you make think of mother,
cousin, neice, daugther, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend, or all
around sweetheart. The name Anna means "a positive and caring
individual. She is never short of ideas". All of us who knew her
could relate to that meaning very well. My grandmother cared about
everyone. Even if you met her once, she still considered you part of
her family.
Anna was a woman who was never short of ideas. Her mind was always
filled with recipes, gardening tips, and ways to improve her family.
Growing up, she always told me to be the greatest person I could be.
Not only because it was the respectful thing to do, but you meet the
good people in life whenever you yourself are a good person.
Over these past few months, my great grandmother was living next
door to me with my grandparents because she became ill. I would go
over almost everyday to see her, sometimes staying at least 3 hours
to watch her while my grandmother went to the store. The normal
conversations we had were about her invisible friend Mary Ann,
gardening, and how I should get up and get her food and coffee. I
will admit, it would get difficult watching her at some points.
Having to sit there, and telling her that if she tried walking it
would hurt her, would kill me on the inside. I never knew what to
say. But thinking about it now, I wouldn't change those conversations
for the world. As long I was talking to her, I was perfectly fine
with arguing about getting her coffee and the occassional high ball
that she always wanted.