christies world
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2010-10-14 04:47:13 (UTC)


Well my little sister would have turned 24 today i miss her dearly.
As i watch my daughters growing up i couldn't image them not having
each other. My oldest looks like her and laughs and my youngest has
those eyes. and too boot my son is a ringer for my brother who is now
passed i had a cousin once ask whats it like raising your siblings
because my children favor them so much. i would love for my children
to have known them i miss them all very much i have 3 siblings that
are passed away 1 adopted and the other too a combination of half but
still today i cry. they were wonderful Andrea so full of life and
Jody the rebel and Eric the oldest and my rock i wonder why god takes
such important ppl and now hes taking my mom i have no other family
to speak of a couple of cousin that are the more the passing in the
store type of relatives I'm glad my kids have each other you know
when we get were going when we die i have a lot a questions i do miss
them Eric maybe a little more he was with me threw them dying and in
dealing with their b-days
I bet she would have been smart and beautiful and a great aunt
i love you Andrea and miss you very much watch my babies for me OK

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