Me Complicated
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2010-10-12 14:23:48 (UTC)

Cant shake you off.

still thinking of him. my friend is related to him and when we speak
and she mentions him I become infatuated with him. I cant work,
concentrate on anything and just keep wondering what is he doing?
every song I hear reminds me of him. I keep thinking what if I did
something different? can I ever be with him again? damn it I dont
want this anymore. I want him out of my mind and heart. I am still in
love with him or the man I thought he was? I dont know. it felt real
to me when we were together. it was a love and passion i always
looked for and wanted. I dont feel that now with my present man. and
I know that is why thinks are not so great between us because in my
heart and mind I am always comparing my two loves. it is not right to
do that I know but cant figure what else to do. i want pete. i earn
for him, his touch his kiss, the way he used to look at me and hug
me, everything about him. the sound of his voice, his smile,
everything! i miss him. I miss us and what we could of become.