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2010-10-12 07:37:32 (UTC)

10/9 Sat

-did nails near Lin's house; for the 1st time at a supposedly "salon"
but turned out i got ripped off for a crappy job; will never splurge
on nails!
-argued/talked to bb in the car; feeling better now;
-picked up Bentley from lil phil; he didn't clean the leather just put
a coat on there; have to bring the car back for shampoo;
-Tanforan for threading and hair curling;
-came home to get ready; HS reunion at Crown plaza at 8pm; Rick asked
me to book a room and i called mami and decided to go work for one
night--since i'm all made up and the dinner was finished around 9pm
and bb prob going out;
-work was good; i took E in da ge's room; mami asked me to drive her
to 1015; met a huang and de ge and pin ge them; surprised to get $200
from da ge; tipped mami $100; saw peter lin and sam there; i don't
know if it was the E or just me, i agreed to go take E with him in his
-didn't pick up Jack's phone; came to Peter's house before 5am;

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