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2010-10-12 03:39:28 (UTC)

eat, pray, love

so yeah i read the book and its opened my eyes. for years and to
this day I haven't been good to myself and as my personal advocate i
must talk to myself and if I were standing and since i am feeling
sad i want to let you kell know that you are a wonderful person. you
try to let everyone know that you don't need them but I am telling
you that you do. you have this hard shell to protect you from harm.
you let people walk all over you and you try to make them happy
because you want them to accept you. how can you want people to
accept you when you cant accept that you are this beautiful,
charming, fun, funny, sweet, outgoing, loveable person. i have known
you forever and every day that i get to spend with you makes me love
you more. we have had some good times with each other and bad times.
we have loved, we have lost, and most importantly we have learned.
you have lovely dreams for the future and you constantly try to
better your self. I know since you have moved away from your family
for love and a dream of a family of your own. life has been tough
the past couple years but god will show you through all the dirt and
grime, you must clean it off and keep moving another step foreward.
I wish you would stop worrying so much about making people happy and
start making your self happy. change your way of thinking. you think
everyone is mad at you or out to ruin your life because lets face
it, not everyone is as nice and caring as you are. they really don't
intend to hurt you with their words or actions, they really are
angry at their life and you are and easy target. I gave you a shield
once but you forgot how to use it. no matter what, I love you and I
am here for you. You are my friend and I want you to be great and
happy. help those in need and those you hurt you need to bandage
them up. give them a hug! if they dont want to be bandaged then
thats all you can do. you can still love the good times you once had
and hope someday you can be their shield. leave a legacy to always
help your neighbor! You want to be remembered for your kindness and
that you have lived to the fullest.