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2010-10-11 02:10:09 (UTC)


My sister and I don't get along right now. I try very hard to stay
positive right now, but I can't do it well.

My eldest sister is being kinda a jerk and taking things the wrong
way. And then when she wants to get something across, she yells at us.

Now, normally I would take this very calmly and rationally and simply
do as she wants. Older sister knows right, right?

Well, I don't think that it's fair that she's telling all the kids
that they need to do this, that, and the other thing. It's really
annoying when I already have a mom and dad. She's just adding stress.

So I'm watching my show on the internet in an area that nobody else is
in, just because it's quiet and nobody's going to try talking to me
and distract me from the show.

Then the devil shows up herself.

Normally I would say that saying this would be quite rude, but under
the circumstances, I think I'm entitled to say this. You see, she had
no right to start screaming at me when she comes into a room. I
personally thought that I had cleaned up all the Halloween costumes
from the dance last night. Costume party.

So she yells at me that I didn't pick up all the things. And now all
the things in the bathroom must be mine, because my sisters never
leave anything on the counters. I don't wear nail polish, and my
younger sister threw away my last brush. So yeah, they MUST be mine.

Yeah, sure.

Then I go back to my computer and start up my youtube music for when
I'm pissed off, and she barges in again to turn on the tv for Alex.
Now, Alex doing this I wouldn't really care, but her mother doing it
to piss me off? That's kinda immature.

She's eight years older than me, so why doesn't she go and freaking
act like it already?

My brother comes into the room and we start chatting about how my
sister is flying off the handle for no freaking reason. So please,
enlighten me on the reason that siblings are not allowed to defend
themselves from verbal attacks. I really want to know. Yeah, you might
have more years on me, but from this point, all I see is a need to
have something pissing you off.

I want to talk to mom or dad about it, but no matter what I say to
either one of them, they are going to say that she just wants to help
them. And that's all fine and dandy, but when she's playing martyr and
screaming at her sisters, there's got to be a line that we can say
she's crossing. There has to be. It's like saying cuss words in front
of family when you're three. There's a line, and the kid just crossed

I can respect that she's older. I can respect that she's got a kid and
wants to help out mom. What I don't like one bit is the yelling and
screaming. I'm gone for about 11 hours a day at school. Then on
Saturday I'm gone from 9-11. It's not easy to get everything done on a
list that she wants.

UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm so Pissed Off Right Now!!!!!!!!!

I'll spill later, for now though I'm going to finish my show,


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