Hailey's Life
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2010-10-10 22:54:39 (UTC)

A new begining....?

So much for love I use to say, now I'm starting to beleive myself
on that! The same for friendship to! Well here's the begining....I
think. As I go about my business I get a text from the hottest dude
ever....David Graham (well thats my opinion)! But back to the story,
well he texts me saying will you go out with me? I said yes! So thats
how it started.....but the question is: How is it gonna' end?!?!?
Will it end with a: Your a bitch? Leave me alone? Or maybe even a
simple Its over? I'm hoping I'll never see this day, but yet.... when
does "love" last forever? Do I want it to end? ...No! But, will it?
Yes:( Living each day wondering if I'm gonna' hear or see any of
those words, it scares me. I know its "just a boy". I know theirs
other fish in the sea. But, theirs something about this one fish, I
just can't stand to let go. I guess I can say he's "different" in his
own way. I do love him, or would love be the word for it? Lets just
say right now he is the only reason I go to school, I know that
sounds a bit odd.... but its true. I kinda' feel like, if I'm not
good enough than who is? He doesn't seem to understand what I mean by
these three little words "I love you!" Of course he says it back, but
does he mean it? I guess I'll find out when I'm the one smashing
everything in site. As the days pass it seems we grow more and more
apart, we talk less. Theirs SOOOO many questions I have to ask him
but I'm afriaid of the answer. Should we just talk? Or should I just
ignore the wonders I have about him? Sometimes I wish I was a fly on
the wall, that way I could see ALL the things he does when I'm not
around. I know I sound a little bit obsessed, its hard not to be when
you care SO much about someone. Mom tells me I'm crazy to beleive
that he actually loves me, but then again why wouldn't he? I guess
you could say life is like a door, when one door opens another one
closes. Thats not really a good example. What if your boyfriend/
girlfriend called you maybe once a week for like 10 minutes....what
would you think/do? Am I over reacting? Should I just stop worring?