everything happens for a reason...
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2010-10-09 09:53:53 (UTC)

will i believe?

its been 5 1/2 months since i met her. i asked her
to be my bestfriend and so it was. i feel something
special about her, maybe in that case, thats the
reason why i want her to be my bestfriend. well,
anyways, this is my story. i am always thinking
about her condition. behind of her real
personality. she told me that she is a vampire but
still i cant believe it. she also told me that the
tv series Vampire Diaries is true. real. that damon and
stefan were existing. i am not sure if i would believe
her. another proof she told is when she said to me that
there will be an accident near to us,1 mother and 3 or 4
children will die and only one will survive but in
critical condition. she's not yet sure about what she saw
based on her vision. she told to me about this around 3 or
4:00pm. im with my cousin and aunty during this time,
we're shopping and somehow we eat too, ehehe.. when we got
home, of course we did what we need to do. we fix things,
eat dinner, then suddenly my aunty said "jona, dun pala
kanina sa express way malapit sa festi may naaksidente"
then i realized i was just staring at my aunty, and i feel
a bit fear. err...and now this is why i am confused. see?

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